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Legal Research, Writing and Invstigations

JAMES L Salmon, Esq.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Skilled legal researcher with experience as a law clerk, law firm associate and entrepreneur

Word smith capable of drafting pleadings, discovery requests, deposition outlines and related docs

Experienced factual researcher capable conducting background checks, interviews and investigations

20 years + experience in commercial litigation including insurance defense, coverage issues, construction and real estate disputes, products liability claims as well as prosecution and defense of tort claims of all kinds

20 years + experience drafting, reviewing and executing contracts for clients in multiple industries

20 years + experience reviewing and analyzing contracts of insurance for business clients

20 years + experience conducting discovery in complex document intensive litigation

20 years + experience reporting to legal professionals and C-Suite executives

Earned a Juris Doctorate at University of Cincinnati College of Law & BA at Texas Tech University

Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills honed in court delivering legal service for clients

Negotiate bespoke contracts throughout the construction industry for collaborative teams

Maintain a log of bespoke construction contracts drafted for clients in the US, Canada and Europe

Collaborate with owners, contractors, designers, trades, suppliers and their counsel to craft, draft and create bespoke contracts for specific projects, both in construction and other industries

Collaborate with clients, insurers and in-house and outside counsel to finalize execution of negotiated contracts by the effective date of the same

Scan, file and index contracts, documents produced in discovery and related firm files

Collaborate with clients, insurers and in-house and outside counsel to negotiate contract wording to meet the needs of specific projects in technology, construction and other areas

A Unique Enterprise Serving Lawyers and the Clients in the Cinncinnat Tri-State Region

James provides a variety of services to lawyers and their clients through the Legal Research and Investigations arm of Smart Built Cultures. Attorneys looking for assistance with everything from legal research and writing projects to strategic analysis, case investigations and assitance manageing documents in complex litigation benefit from James' able service.

With over 20 years of experience litigating in federal and state courts in Wyoming, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas and other jurisdictions, James can step into virtually any case, on short notice, and add value. Whether you are in the investigative phase, preparing for trial, researching an appellate brief or engaged in discovery James can help.

In recent years James spent considerable time on the road as a consultant in the built industy and he is now looking to spend more time close to home in Cincinnati.